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Here is our story:

2018-2022+: Ready for tomorrow and beyond

Over the last few years, we've taken everything we've learned about our customers needs, usage and operations and invested it into our 4th generation product, Imprezian360.   Imprezian360 takes our CRM mantra to the next level, which means to provide to best feature-rich, cost-effective CRM all-in-one available in the marketplace.   Click on the logo to the left to take a test drive of our latest offering.   We're confident that you'll find there's nothing else like it.

2008-2022+: DrivenCRM

Our 3rd generation CRM is packed with the feature-set of our 1st and 2nd generation products, DrivenCRM expands on the web-based technology improvements of the day.  These include 64-bit architecture, SQL Server improvements and a world-class user-interface that wasn't possible in the days before.   DrivenCRM was (and is) yet another example of our dedication to the business marketplace like no other.

2006: OasisCRM

In 2006, web-based software had really started establishing its foothold in the everyday business.   The seductive power of anytime/anywhere access and the excitement of not having to constantly update clients was a win/win.

Our company responded by creating a completely new, fully-web based CRM equivalent to our flagship client/server product.    The success of OasisCRM was amazing, and still to this day there are many satisfied customers that have been running OasisCRM for years.  They can't imagine running their business without it.

2001: A CRM Odyssey

We started our adventure back in 2001 with the invention of the "KnowTia Knowledge Management System"

Back in the day, it was all client/server and Windows 98.   However, our mission was still the same as it is to this day.

"To provide businesses with a single, powerful software solution that helps them run their business more efficiently and provide a return on investment like no other software on the market."

KnowTia Concepts Corp.

1228 East 7th Avenue

Suite 200

Tampa FL 33605

Tel: 813-489-5249

Fax: 866-315-3267

Tampa, Florida USA


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