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Personalized training, conversion and customization service:

Data Conversion Service

SalesForce/NetSuite Conversion

Custom/Legacy Systems

& More

"time to throw those legacy systems into the dust bin"
Custom Programming
"dial it in that last 10%"

Microsoft Visual Studio/.NET Framework

Microsoft SQL Server
Stored Procedure & Performance Tuning

API Automation

"Safe and secure managed access"

2048-bit digital SSL encryption
Custom developed security monitor
Software/patch update automation
Backups monitored and guaranteed
Available server monitor app

Honestly, don't you have a business to run?   We've become experts in what works and what doesn't.   Let our project management team guide you through the intricacies of an integrated CRM/ERP project.    From start to finish, we'll help guide you along the path to success.

our programmers remain at the disposal of your project manager during your implementation cycle.   Invevitably there will need to be a software tweak here or there, and our experienced developers are ready and able to step-up to the challenge.

We can assist you in organizing your existing data stores into a centralized database.    We can also assist you with data scrubbing, cleanup and organization.    Give us a call to begin a dialog about how your data can be better organized.

Once your system has been implemented, we offer personalized training sessions implemented specifically for your various departments.    Having a customized, personalized training program helps ensure that your staff feels comfortable with the system and is able to hit the ground running.

Let's get the ball rolling... there's no better time than right now

"Don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today"

Benjamin Franklin

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